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In our vending systems, we monitor, report, and use stock tracking system with the latest technology.

All our vending machines are monitored by the main center with telemetry devices. In this way, the sales performances, stock levels and filling needs, connection conditions and technical intervention requirements of the vending machines can be monitored from a center and intervened in less than 24 hours.


With the data coming from all our vending machines working online, we take actions to improve the service quality by creating performance analysis at all the fields we serve. In addition, we share these reports with our customers periodically and provide continuous feedback regarding the service they receive.


In all of our vending machines, safety stock is defined on the product basis. In this way, we see which product will be finished when, and complete the product filling before the stock runs out.


Our professional call center is reachable 24/7 for all our consumers who have problems with vending machines, have requests or want to thank them. All calls coming to our call center are recorded and analyzed by following the resolution processes. In this way, we can measure our customer satisfaction level and identify development needs. While our professional call center system serves to measure and improve ourselves operationally, it also takes the workload from the related departments of the companies in terms of receiving and resolving fault notifications.


All payment tools can be used in all of our vending machines. Today, 60% of the current vending machines in Turkey, are still functioning with “no refund” system, as an operator that cares about the consumer experience, we developed our infrastructure in a way that can be integrated with advanced technology systems. Today, you can shop with city cards, coins, bills, credit and debit cards, all meal cards, company personnel id cards and Istanbul Card in all of our vending machines.