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Business Development

We cooperate with brands in more than one form and offer the most suitable solution for the needs.


As being the only vending machine operator with a Marketing and Business Development unit, we transform vending machines into a new generation channel where brands can interact with their consumers.

What Opportunities Does Vending Machine Offer for an Innovative Brand?

  • While selling its products in vending machines placed in public areas with high circulation, it can create a purchasing impulse on consumers by branding the vending machines. Even if the brand’s product is not being sold in vending machines, still using the vending machine as an outdoor advertising medium, it provides high visibility with a low budget.
  • Brands can use the advertising spaces on the vending machine either with long-term fixed branding or to differentiate their brands regionally and periodically with the help of digital screens.
  • Brands can plan new product launches / digital tasting activities.
  • By converting the front surface of the vending machine into a touch screen, it can give consumers different experiences with various games and applications.
  • With the survey application, the product can be tasted from the vending machine and instantly collect feedback from real users.
  • Can be easily transferred into a micro market for concerts / festivals / shows, etc.
  • By integrating social media accounts with the vending machines, it can increase the interaction with its brand while selling their products.
  • By creating 3D visuals or videos on the shelf of the product sold in vending machines, it can attract the attention of the consumer to the product.
  • Analyzes all campaigns, visual / digital advertising campaigns and applications to increase product sales by measuring them from real sales data in details such as day, time, region, weather, sales point type, consumer profile.


In order for brands and companies to exist with vending machines that allow mobile and technological applications, without bearing high rental and design costs in periodical events, we both provide vending machines and undertake all necessary organizations. We work almost like the brands’ own Marketing team.