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Vending machine operators have at least as much responsibility as other food sales points in terms of food safety.

Although this awareness has not yet been formed in the sector, it is important to have a strict control system established in order to prevent the bacterial growth in vending machines that will threaten human health. This inspection should be carried out periodically at many critical points such as; the employees who carry out the maintenance and cleaning of the vending machines, at every surface of the vending machine that is suitable to bacterial growth, and the suitability of the hygiene products to clean the machines.

We certify our sensitivity to food safety as being the first and only operator of the sector that has the ISO 22000 Food Safety Standard accredited by TÜRKAK. We transparently transmit our unannounced inspection and laboratory analysis reports to all our clients and maintain their trust in the service they receive.

  • Being sensitive to customer and market needs,
  • Being sensitive to the environment and to fulfill all the requirements and to prevent pollution in order to protect the environment,
  • To produce and sell products that do not adversely affect human health,
  • To adopt customer satisfaction and trust as the core principle,
  • To set goals in line with the company policy and to fulfill all requirements in order to achieve these goals,
  • As being MATİK OTOMAT, to act in accordance with the law and to fulfill the legal requirements,
  • To provide all the resources needed by Management Systems,
  • To ensure continuous improvement and development,
  • To present its products and services to customers in the healthiest and highest quality,
  • To ensure that its employees to work in a peaceful and safe environment of MATİK OTOMAT family.

We are the only customer-focused company in the vending machine industry with ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction System Certification. To keep our standards, we use our 24/7 call center system effectively, intervene in all feedbacks on time and turn our analyzes we create from the data we obtain into preventive actions.

  • To evaluate and resolve customer complaints as soon as possible within the confidentiality principle,
  • To ensure and maintain customer satisfaction by resolving every complaint,
  • All principles in the resolution of customer complaints are adopted by our staff,
  • To provide a free communication way that our customers can reach us,
  • To continuously improve our service quality and to prevent recurrence with a proactive approach and
  • We are committed to complying with applicable legal obligations.