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Measures we have taken to protect CovId-19

1 – We disinfect all surfaces of the vending machines we serve with a special chemical called Antimic which is 60-day effective.




  • It prevents viruses and bacteria from staying on the surface by making a nanotechnological biosecurity coating on the surface.
    • Its 60-day protection has been proven by tests.
    • Developed with SABANCI UNIVERSITY.
    • It is a food-compatible disinfectant.
    • Since it is a nanotechnological product, it is invisible and does not distort the image.
    • It shows antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.
    • It does not contain heavy metal or silver.
    • Since it reacts with the applied surface and is a part of it, it does not wash away. It has a permanent effect.
    • Can be applied to almost any surface such as textile products, ceramic, wood, glass, plastic, concrete.
    • It does not leave toxic substances and chemical residues. It is nature friendly.
    2 – We control the use of masks and gloves of all our staff who is in contact with vending machines with our field inspectors.
    3 – We keep periodical health screenings of all our field staff who is in charge of vending machine filling and maintenance.
    4 – With the updated information published by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, we frequently train all our staff and keep the awareness alive.
    • Our staff always fills and maintains the machines with gloves and masks.